Zhanna Soushko is a researcher working on the Global Terrorism Database (GTD). She is also pursuing her Ph.D. at the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver with a concentration in Eurasian Studies, Development and Security. Ms. Soushko previously earned a Masterís Degree in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration from the same university. She also earned a Bachelorís Degree in International Studies and Political Science from the City College of New York where she was chosen the Valedictorian of 2004. Besides the issues of terrorism and security, Ms. Soushko's current research interests include energy security; innovation-led growth; financial sector development; and the effect of societal institutions on policymaking process and outcomes.

Prior to her research work with the GTD, Ms. Soushko had been working as a Research Assistant at the University of Denver on a project devoted to the issue of energy security and current developments in the area of renewable energy generation. Funded by the National Science Foundation, this project aimed not only to look at the best practices of countries in reducing their oil dependency, but also to answer the question about the particular mechanisms of successful policy transferability. Ms. Soushko has also been a Research Assistant on another project at the University of Denver examining the interplay of domestic and international factors during the banking sector reform in Eastern Europe.