Thomas Mann
Special Advisor

Thomas Mann is a Special Advisor to the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies. Mr. Mann recently returned to Oregon after more than two years working for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington , DC as an intelligence officer. During his time in Washington , Mr. Mann worked as a field operations manager overseeing worldwide Human Intelligence operations, including operations in support of the global war on terrorism and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mr. Mann also worked as DIA's Defense HUMINT Services Strategic Planner where he established national Human Intelligence collection priorities and sat on the Human Intelligence Transformation Task Force. Mr. Mann also earned an appointment to the post of Executive Assistant to a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon where he helped manage National Defense Intelligence policy and funding.

Mr. Mann left DIA in May 2004 to return to Oregon where he is president of Red Cell Enterprises, an intelligence consulting firm specializing in Homeland Security and corporate intelligence.

Mr. Mann holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Intelligence from the American Military University and undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Russian from the University of Oregon .

Prior to joining DIA in March 2002, Mr. Mann was the Founder and President of MBM Strategies, a political consulting and public relations firm specializing in campaign management, government affairs and strategic planning. 

As an educator Mr. Mann teaches graduate and post-graduate level courses on terrorism and intelligence operations for California University of Protection and Intelligence Management.